ETEA Test Paper

Etea Test Paper

We have included 8 years etea test papers

We are are providing here complete list of last 8 years etea test papers . Etea test format is that there are total 200 MCQs. 60 for Physics, 60 for Chemistry, 30 for Botany,30 for Zoology and 20 for general English. Each MCQ carry 4 marks. For one wrong a deduction of 1 mark and zero for not attempting any MCQ .

A Tip Here

  • Practice MCQs for the sake of practice not for the sake of learning.
  • Don't practice too much MCQs. Only practice ETEA Test Paper, Book and Preetest because MCQs which come in the test are of the pattern of these.
  • Etea Complete Test Paper

    1- Etea Test paper 2015
    2- Etea Test paper 2014
    3- Etea Test paper 2013
    4- Etea Test paper 2012
    5- Etea Test paper 2011
    6- Etea Test paper 2010
    7- Etea Test paper 2009
    8- Etea Test paper 2008
    9- Etea Test paper 2007